Meet Deepam at Medicare 2019, Sri Lanka

Deepam is excited to step into Sri Lanka. Deepam Specialty Hospitalis looking forward to widen its horizon by utilizing newer opportunities to serve bigger and better. We are going to be an active part of Medicare 2019, The Biggest Healthcare Expo in Sri Lanka.

We have recognized the demand for our service is beyond borders. We are striving hard to provide the best for each one knocking our door but our ignorance how much are left out without exposure about Deepam Specialty Hospital and our services is also recognized. To fill in this gap we are coming to meet you in person and tell you that all your healthcare issues are solvable. Our Specialty extends to fertility, gynaecology, cosmetology, cosmetic gynaecology and many more.

1. Get a free expert opinion

Our chief doctors Dr.A.Akilambal and Dr.Suresh Kumar are going to be present in Medicare 2019 to answer all your questions and doubts on Fertility, Cosmetic, Reproductive health and general health related problems. Don’t compromise on your health status and quality. Don’t go in for self medication, take your symptoms seriously if they have lasted for more than 2 weeks. Ask our experts anything that has been bothering you in terms of health and wellness.

Get authentic scientific advice from experienced and internationally qualified physicians. Take your health reports or any specific diagnostic results that may come handy for accurate doctor advice. Get to know how best Deepam Specialty Hospital can help you in overcoming your health issue if any exists.

2. Know our services before visiting our hospital

Get a clear overview of who we are, what we do and how well we do it through our stall at Medicare 2019. We are showcasing our specialty hospital which has achieved immense trust from local patients, e are looking to accelerate the act of goodness. See our experts explain our capabilities as a leading healthcare provider in person.

Get to see our past testimonials and milestones we have crossed as a healthcare organization. Deepam specialty Hospitals has brought in so much hope and joy in the lives of couples who battled ifertility, individuals who battled poor self-image wrt looks and poor health in general. Get to know our case studies and our experts who made them possible in person.

3. Explore our international patient packages

We provide the best possible for our patients irrespective of which side of the border they belong to. As we step into providing the best healthcare solution for international patients we have curated special treatment and in-patient packages to give you one more reason to be smart in choosing us. Get to know what we have developed for our patients looking to travel back with us for a healthcare procedure or short-term treatment.

We are looking forward to treat our international patients meticulously through empathetic approach towards package designing. We understand that travelling abroad for a healthcare solution is a big decision to make, we respect that and make sure to deliver the best in every way possible.

4. Wider options in treatments

Deepam Specialty Hospital offers a wide range of rare treatments and procedures that solve very nuanced and specific concers of our patients. Our specialization in cosmetic gynaecology is not very familiar among patients who actually need it to get better, we are coming to not just tell you how we may help but also to spread awareness and educate people about advanced treatments that are practiced to leave no patient dissatisfied.

Understand that every health issue has a solution and seek a solution provider you trust!

5. Get a video tour of our hospital from Sri Lanka

We want you to get a 360 degree idea of our Hospital infrastructure, facilities, cutting-edge equipments and others in your visit to Medicare 2019. Also get an insider’s view to our patient success stories and style of treatments.

See our other specialist doctors and get to know about the healthcare solutions they given in different specialties.

There is always more to healthcare than you think what it can offer for your well being. Catch us at Medicare 2019 to get up, close and personal with Deepam Specialty Hospital. Get expert advice on health and wellness, improve the quality of living on a holistic sense. Deepam Specialty Hospital is awaiting your presence at 2019, Sri Lanka are you ready to get enlightened?

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