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Faciomaxillary Surgery

All traumatic fracture of facial Cases like, mandible, Maxilla, zygoma are being dealt in this department

Most of us are familiar with oral surgery is, and many of us have had it before in the form of wisdom teeth removal, tooth extractions and dental implants. However, while oral surgery might be well known among the public, faciomaxillary surgery is largely unknown.

The maxillae are the two bones that come together at the roof of the mouth to form the upper jaw in humans. This is where the term “maxilla” comes from. Likewise, facial is more self-explanatory, referring to the face. Thus, Faciomaxillary surgery deals with any diseases, disorders, injuries or defects that affect either the jaw or the facial regions of a person.

The Faciomaxillary surgeons can treat both functional and aesthetic problems associated with disorders of the face, mouth and jaws and often perform facial reconstructive procedures for those who have suffered facial trauma or other injuries, as well as procedures to treat disorders such as TMD/TMJ and malocclusion. This department specialises in the management of trauma of the face, facial infections, orthognathic surgery, jaw surgery and dento alveolar surgery'.

Though many are familiar with a variety of oral surgery procedures, only a few people know what sort of treatments faciomaxillary surgery entails. Here is a short list of common faciomaxillary surgery procedures:

  • Corrective Jaw Surgery
  • Treatment for TMJ Disorders
  • Sleep Apnea Treatments
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Head & Mouth Cancers
  • Emergency Care and Acute Treatment for Facial Trauma
  • Bone Grafting or Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
  • In many cases, Oral and Faciomaxillary Surgeons work in collaboration with other specialists such as orthodontists, ear nose and throat surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons and oncologists as part of multi-disciplinary teams to optimise the treatment of major conditions and diseases of the mouth, faces and jaws. A patient's appearance can be dramatically enhanced as a result of these surgeries.

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