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Neurology is a scientific study and a branch of medicine dealing with illness of the nervous system.The term “neurology” comes from the Greek words “neuron,” or nerve, and "logia,” which means “sayings or oracles.” A neurologist is a physician who specializes to treat neurological disorders.

Different types of Neurologists

There are many types of neurologists, those are Clinical Neurophysiologists, Vascular Neurologists, Neurodevelopmental and Neuromuscular Neurology, Paediatric Neurologists.

  • Clinical neurophysiologists are mainly focused on the functioning of the nervous system, who investigate and treat disorders of the nervous system and ophthalmic disease.
  • Vascular neurologiststake care of the structure and function of the blood vessels which is supplying the brain, hence they are specifically devoted to the treatment and prevention of strokes.
  • Neurodevelopmental department is dedicated for impairments or disorders of brain function. Neuromuscular disorders affect the nerves that control your voluntary muscles. Many neuromuscular diseases are genetic.
  • Paediatric Neurologists, as the name suggests the physicians takes care of the neuro problems with the children.

These are the common neuro disorders Alzheimer's, migraine, Parkinson's, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury.

  • Alzheimer's - It is the loss of ability to think due to the disability of memory, or in layman term "memory loss". Symptoms first appear in their mid-60s,
  • Migraine- is a condition with wide range of symptoms. Mostly headache, nausea, sensitivity to light. Migraine attacks usually last from 4 to 72 hours.
  • Parkinson's- This is an illness of the central nervous system, this generally starts with tremor, then slowly develops.
  • Stroke- This occurs when there is an interruption of blood supply to the brain. Approximately 800,000 people have a stroke each year, which is equivalent to one person every 40 seconds.
  • Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury mainly occurs due to damage to the organ or accidents.

Neurology is one of the crucial department in the medical field, as the symptoms are not obvious with the patients. Thanks to the modern world for the evolution.

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