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Surgical Oncology

Cancer is a disease whose name only can make a person teary eyed. It is a deadly disease which no one would wish upon an enemy even. To deal with its prevention, cure and diagnosis scientists have developed a branch of Medicine called Oncology. Anyone who practices this medicine is referred to as an Oncologist.

What is Surgical Oncology?

A branch of surgery which is applied to Oncology is called Surgical Oncology. Its main focus being the surgical management of cancerous tumours. A surgical Oncologist majorly removes all tumour and any affected tissues during the surgery. Over a period of time there have been three main components that have improved the survival rate in cancer. Firstly, it is the prevention, of risky things like tobacco and alcohol. Secondly, early diagnosis of common cancer and thirdly is its treatment in a cancer speciality hospital.

The topic of debate as of today is that, is any one surgeon capable of treating a malignant disease such as cancer. As many as 19 programmes are running in USA on Surgical Oncology and only those who have completed the programme are called Surgical Oncologists, though other surgeons can treat the patients.

Who are the best candidates

The question whether a patient is a good candidate for surgery solely depends on the factors like the stage of cancer, the type of cancer, the affected area, its grade and lastly the stage of the tumour.

During treatment

Once the treatment starts there are nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and naturopathic assistants who work closely with the patients to help them recover and recapitulate. Most Surgical oncology surgeons have reconstructive surgeons working with them who help in restoring the body's functions after the surgery.

How the patient leads his life in general such as his lifestyle, age and normal physical fitness are few criterions that can help post-surgery. This surgery is mostly combined with other treatments like chemotherapy and the radiation therapy.

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