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Paediatric Surgery

Our Children are most important in our lives. As parents everyone wishes that they never ever have to visit a doctor for their children. But In case a child is referred for a surgery, parents are almost always left in tears, With the modernization of medicine new and advanced technique that have been incorporated Paediatric surgery has become a very effective and easy procedure to cure illness in children, infants and adolescents.

In the early 1940's the infant death rates were very high and with no good medicines or cure people were left helpless. It then came to limelight that infant care required some modern technology and a great deal of attention. Paediatric surgery involved all kinds of treatments for children

Many doctors Worldwide are performing these surgeries on infants and children. Diseases ranging from infant tumour, brain abnormality, kidney dysfunction heart diseases, brain defects, nervous system disorders can be cured with specific specialization, Doctors can master the cures of mostly all deadly diseases in children.

The two specialties of paediatric surgery are: -
  • Neonatal surgery: Neonatology comprises the medical care of new-borns specifically the premature children. The infants are treated neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at the hospitals
  • Foetal surgery. Fetal surgery on the other hand, is a surgical technique which are widely used to cure birth defects in foetuses who are still in the wombs. There are mainly three types of foetal surgeries, open foetal surgery, minimally invasive fetoscopic surgery and percutaneous foetal therapy.

Paediatric Surgery is an ever-developing phenomenon. It will always keep evolving and developing for our children.

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